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Gameday Thread, #13: 4/14 vs.Giants


Randy Johnson
LHP, 0-0, 0.00


Jonathan Sanchez
LHP, 0-1, 6.30 preview [opens in new window]

Here we go... The game may not be on TV, and so we'll be huddling round the screen of the laptop, but this promises to be an interesting even. Battle of the Southpaws, as Sanchez - career victories 4 - takes on Johnson - career victories 284. I am curious to see how Johnson does, but this first outing is likely not going to prove much either way; last season, it took him a couple of starts before he really hit form. On the other hand, the Giants' line-up is now 'Roidsman free, and the regular SF starting lineup has just four homers combined this season: less than Upton and Reynolds each, on their own.

We'd do well not to under-estimate Sanchez, who has struck out eighteen in just ten innings of work. His last outing, six innings of shutout ball against the Padres, was by no means unimpressive, as he fanned ten and allowed only three hits, in a 1-0 victory. As for Johnson, I think we'd be very happy with six innings from him and a quality start: Yusmeiro Petit will be on standby, and I certainly hope that the bullpen is a good deal more successful than yesterday, when the Orckies raked them over the coals to the tune of ten runs in six innings.

I will be about, but I'm not sure exactly how, where or what. It's the only night game of this series, which is kinda weird - there seem to have been a lot more afternoon contests this season so far. I'm pretty confident, however, providing Johnson doesn't fall apart in the first couple of innings: a win today could be the start of another good streak. Oh, and tonight's recap will be coming to you courtesy of Azreous - think he should have plenty to write about!