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Gameday Thread, #11: 4/12 vs. Rockies


Franklin Morales
LHP, 0-0, 0.00


Dan Haren
RHP, 1-0, 3.00 preview [opens in new window]

Doesn't seem all that long ago the last game ended; this Saturday contest gets shifted to the afternoon, to make it one of Fox's Games of the Week, though it appears that the other 48 states will be getting [yawn] Yankees-Red Sox, blah, greatest rivalry, blah, storied franchises, blah, blah. Before the first pitch, they'll be unveiling the 10th anniversary D-backs team, which should be fun to see: Jack Magruder has already weighed in with his selection.

Going by Morales's first start, this one might be a bit more of a tough challenge for Arizona, as he pitched six scoreless innings his first time around, restricting us to only two hits. That, of course, was the game last Sunday where we scored twice in the ninth and then three times in the tenth, striking a hammerblow against Colorado. Hopefully that will have sapped a bit of the fight out of Morales, and we'll manage some more success against him today. Should be about for most of this, running between radio and TV, as I've got a couple of movie reviews to get written. Let's make it eight in a row.