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Gameday Thread, #10: 4/11 vs. Rockies


Jeff Francis
LHP, 0-1, 7.11


Brandon Webb
RHP, 2-0, 2.08 preview [opens in new window]

Hey, didn't we play these guys last weekend, too? Understandable if you've forgotten, since they didn't exactly provide much of a challenge then. In Colorado's defense, they did sweep Atlanta, and actually managed to score more than four runs in the final game of the series! [You, at the back - stop laughing into your hand]. But even after the sweep, half the regular Orckies lineup is batting .231 or worse.

Got to feel good about this one, having smacked about Francis in our first encounter with him, and also with Brandon Webb on the mound. Webb laid the myth to rest last time out that he couldn't beat Colorado, and we'll be looking to him as a major component in helping extend our winning streak further. Be nice to see Chris Young settle back down after a tough couple of games against the Dodgers, going 1-for-11 with six strikeouts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Interesting fact for the day. Orlando Hudson has started his season off by managing 41 plate-appearances this year without striking out, most in the majors. His overall streak, including two games last year, is now 50 plate-appearances and eleven games. Still got someway to go, to catch up with record holder Joe Sewell, who avoided fanning in 115 consecutive games in 1929, or even Ichiro's modern mark, from 1997, of 216 K-less at-bats in a row.

Minor note. Attendance for first three home games this year: 101,361. First three home games [also a Mon-Wed] last year: 82.562, so we're about 22% up. Obviously, a bit of a difference in opponents, between the Reds (2007) and the Dodgers (2008); however, we are playing the Rockies in the second home series of both seasons, over a weekend, so this'll be an interesting comparison. Total for the three games last year was just below 70,000.

Not sure what we're doing tonight. Should be about for a good bit, but not sure how much commenting will be in order. I'm sure someone will start the overflow thread if necessary...