Hello, my name is...

Welcome, everyone! andymike's new post was a reminder that it's a new season, and we might as well kick off the season with a re-opening of the thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to each other, and particularly allow the new faces to introduce themselves to us. I'll go first. :-)

My name is Jim, and I'm a Dbacksaholic... ["Hi, Jim..."] I have been a fan since before Day 1, when the future Mrs. SnakePit took me downtown on my first trip to Phoenix back in 1997, and we peered into a building site, imagining bleachers, home plate and the broad expanses of the outfield. It was only later that we realized we were at the wrong building site initially.

Having been brought up in Britain, baseball was an exotic foreign sport, but once I discovered the joys of baseball statistics, I knew I was hooked for life. My first ever game was Sat, Apr 25, 1998, in New York, the Mets losing to Cincinnati, 2-0. It disturbs me to think I once has a Mets jersey - Rey Ordonez, #0 - but I still regard myself as a "pure" D-backs fan, uncontaminated by fervor for any other team.

The 2001 season turned a interest into a passion, with Game 7 literally changing my life, as I proposed to Chris immediately after our clinching victory. I started my first blog, But It's a DRY Heat, in 2003 and had my enthusiasm there sorely tested by the 111-loss season of 2004. I moved over to this site the following spring. 142,341 visitors later, here we are.

Off-blog, I live in Scottsdale with Mrs. SnakePit and SnakePit Jr. and when not watching or writing about the Diamondbacks, we are usually enjoying a movie of some sorts. As well as her day-job, Mrs. SnakePit runs events - basically, anything from lucha libre to comedy shows to horror film festivals - and that keeps us pretty busy too.

So, that's enough about me. Tell us about you...