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Group Outing, August 23rd. Buy tickets now!

I've confirmed the date and section, though the tickets are on the first-base side [the 3rd-base area only had ten left]. A link can be found below, for people to buy tickets, and I've also added one to the sidebar for when this story slides down the page. Clicking the button will take you to PayPal and you can either pay with PayPal or any major credit-card. The default quantity is one ticket; if you want more, when you reach PayPal, put in the number you want and press the 'Update' button and it will calculate the total.

Tickets will be available until about the All-Star break, but we do have a limited number and it will be first-come, first served. I won't be handing out tickets until nearer the day, so if you want to buy, say, two now, then find you need more later, I should be able to arrange for you all to sit together. Get family, get friends, and let's rock Chase!