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Gameday Thread: 3/19 vs. Seattle

Tonight's game is on TV, on Fox Sports AZ, as well as I'm at The Sets for our open-mic comedy show, but if I lean back and squint, I can see the TV where the game is playing. Of course, I could just move seats across the bar, but to watch the game, I'd basically have to turn my back on comedians. Which would not be nice. But we'll see: if anyone else feels like commenting, have a thread. Tonight's lineup:

  • Young, CF .238
  • Jackson, 1B .326
  • Hudson, 2B .355
  • Byrnes, LF .344
  • Snyder, C .370
  • Reynolds, 3B .222
  • Drew, SS .194
  • Upton, RF .297
  • Owings, P
Stats are the spring training ones so far. I think I'd be phenomenally happy with about five of those batting averages in the regular season. Young, Reynolds and - it seems almost inevitably - Drew, could do with pulling their socks up. But it basically looks like a full-strength lineup for the D-backs tonight.