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The Winter (Meetings) of our Discontent: Day 2

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In lieu of the multiple threads generated yesterday, to try and keep things a bit simpler, I'm just going to have one post and add on to it anything of interest that crops up during the day. This will make things tidier, and easier too: the latter is an important consideration since my Matrix-style efforts at dodging the sickness which has been rampaging brutally round the office like...a brutal, rampaging thing, finally appear to have failed. I'll be popping DayQuil like candy for the rest of the day, folks, so my commentary may not quite be up to its usual, incisive quality.

A quick note to other editors; if you find anything of interest, just toss it in the comments with a link and I'll incorporate it. This'll avoid the risk of simultaneous updates; I should be pretty quick on the inclusion with such reminders, since I don't think I'll be doing much but staring blankly at the computer screen today. There doesn't seem immediately to be much to add from action overnight, but if so , the first update will follow shortly, when I've had a chance to scan the papers, etc.

No Loretta for Arizona: "The Dodgers further solidified their infield depth Monday night by agreeing to terms with veteran utilityman Mark Loretta on a one-year contract, according to agent Bob Garber. Loretta must pass a physical exam for the deal to be official... Loretta is a 13-year veteran and two-time All-Star. He earned $2.75 million last year and will receive about $1.4 million in 2009. The Dodgers won the pursuit for Loretta over National League West rival Arizona Diamondbacks."

Nick Piecoro says we were simply outbid, with our offer being below a million, and it might be a while till we sign anyone(s). "What we were hearing last month was that they didn’t think there was a huge difference between several of the free agent second basemen and that they might end up going with whichever player falls to them at the price they could afford."

Montero being looked at by the Red Sox "With Varitek a question mark to return to the Fens at this point, the Sox are still actively pursuing a deal with several different teams for young catching, with the Rangers, Diamondbacks and Indians chief among those both armed with backstops and willing to deal. Though names like Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero and Angels catcher Jeff Mathis have entered the surprisingly abundant mix, the Sox are still most actively pursuing Rangers backstops Taylor Teagarden and Jarrod Saltalamacchia." Nick Piecoro adds, "One name that came up was young Boston right-hander Michael Bowden, but the Red Sox won’t do it straight up."

Jackson for Johnson discussed. The same piece from Nick also reports that, "The Diamondbacks and Braves have discussed a Conor Jackson for Kelly Johnson swap. Doesn't sound like it has any momentum, but it has been discussed. Presumably the Braves would put Jackson in the outfield. Johnson would solve the Diamondbacks’ second base woes." He also says the team met with Scott Boras, agent for infield Felipe Lopez, though seems like no formal offer was made.