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And Happy Holidays to one and all!

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through AZ
Not a creature was stirring, not even Josh B

The budget was worked out by Derrick with care,
In hopes that a free-agent pitcher they’d snare.

The Redheads were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of playoff games danced in their heads

With hot dogs and ketchup, and tamales; a treat!
The Diamondbacks’ fans dreamt of All You Can Eat.

In the midst of the offseason, when rumors flowed and ebbed,
The SnakePit wanted nothing more than to re-sign Brandon Webb.

When, who should appear, but Maurer, Webby’s agent;
It seemed Webby’s hometown discount had been rais-ed!

With two bona fide aces, the NL West could be won,
By the Diamondbacks’ players for seasons to come.

As pitchers reported, and even Chris Snyder,
The Dbacks in ’09 were ready to take it higher!

Bob Melvin had learned from his failings in the past,
To lead off with a hitter who could get on AND was fast.

Even Chip, at third base, showed new patience and grit,
And an ability to not get guys thrown out at the plate.

Bring the Rockies, the Giants, the Padres and Dodgers;
Even the Cubs and the Phillies would not be a bother!

With Reynolds’ new eye, and CY hitting like ‘07,
All those other teams hadn’t the slightest chance in heaven.

Jon Rauch had gotten over his losing tendency,
And Chad Qualls’ counts usually ended with strike three.

And Skelton! What a catcher! What a brilliant draft pick!
The Tigers’ loss would hit .356!

Travis Blackley was another great pickup, to be sure;
That Aussie’s changeup had hitters swinging at the floor.

Justin Upton was a monster, his hits flew like pheasants,
But CoJack’s 30 home runs were unexpected and pleasant.

Eric Byrnes had stayed with the Dbacks, no Sox;
And mrssoco’s tv was one very thankful box!

Byrnes didn’t really mind being 4th in the outfield,
A relief to us all, and even to foulpole.

His bat had returned, what an ace at the plate!
And The Eric Byrnes Show was #1 in the ratings!

Tony Clark, the new coach, decided to retire,
And with his help, the hitting off the bench was on fire!

The season brought on a welcome change in Mark Grace,
Statistical analysis, Daron taught him to embrace.

The signs were a-plenty, Daron didn’t have to ask,
Which allowed him to focus on the game, his one task.

With 101 wins, the franchise broke its record.
They crashed into the postseason like a London double-decker!

Lopez stole 10 bases in October, it’s true,
And the Diamondbacks’ bullpen had an ERA of 1.02.

Haren was brilliant, and like Curt, Webby started three,
Stephen Drew ended up with World Series MVP.

The Dbacks’ success helped McCain forget November,
Even Jim and D-hacks’ constant fights, none remembered.

Alas, this is all fantasy, it hasn’t happened yet,
But when the season starts, let’s see what we’ll get.

In this offseason, BoMel, prepping lineups, isn’t idle;
"Anybody, Anytime; let’s bring home another title!"

[Mostly by Dbackskins, but with inspiration from me :-)]

I'll be working on Christmas Day [afternoon and evening], but I'm thinking it'll be pretty quiet, so here's an open thread for 'What I got for Christmas', 'What I'm doing on Christmas Day' or whatever. :-) And, of course, for the giving and exchanging of appropriately festive greetings, for whatever holiday you may wish to celebrate!