Blogging the AFL, and Max Scherzer's first start


Jonathan Mayo of writes, "Thought you might be interested in this. We’ve got Hector Ambriz blogging from the Fall League (we’ve got someone from every organization, actually). He’s the lead Diamondbacks blogger and we hope to get all of the D-Backs there to chip in at some point. Here’s the link, if you wanted to give it some love." Duly loved. :-) In other Arizona Fall League news, Max Scherzer started for the Phoenix Desert Dogs today. Here is the report, but the Cliff Notes version is: seven innings, two runs, one earned, four hits, no walks and four strike-outs. Both runs came on a fiirst-inning homer; of Scherzer's 78 pitches, 54 went for strikes, and his fastball was its usual mid-90's self. The aim is to get him about 20 innings in the AFL, before he calls it a season, to get him up to the level where he can be a full-time starter next year, without incurring a sudden jump in his workload.