The 2008 'Pitties: Play of the year nominees


  • Mark Reynolds, swandive into the pit* - April 14, vs. Giants
    Even though not successful, the effort here was amazing, and the disregard for his personal safety stunning. Reynolds may have been trying to atone for an earlier error, that lead to three unearned runs for Randy Johnson in his debut. So, when Velez popped up foul with two outs in the eighth inning, nothing was going to stop Reynolds, even if he had to fall over the fence to get to it. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that on the far side was not just the ground - but a photographer's pit, with the drop about six feet, onto solid concrete. Bouncing off a handrail on the way, Reynolds landed hard; amazingly, he was not killed or injured, but returned to the game - on the way spitting out what looked like a tooth out, though was likely just his gum.
    * - to see video, then click on 'Reynolds' outstanding effort' under Related Links.

  • Mark Reynolds, last-ditch home-run - June 11, vs. Mets
    Shutout for eight innings at Shea, the Diamondbacks entered the ninth trailing New York by three runs. A single by Drew brought in Wagner; Hudson and Tracy went down swinging round a double by Jackson, leaving Reynolds our last hope. Down to his last strike - and just after being denied a hit by pitch by the umpire - Reynolds smacked an absolute no-doubted, independently estimated at 431 feet, which tied the game and stunned the Big Apple crowd. Unfortunately, the D-backs couldn't snatch victory, going down in the 13th on a Beltran homer - a Reynolds' error having allowed Beltran to come to the plate with two outs. The baseball gods giveth...

  • Chad Tracy, extra-inning walk-off homer - June 13, vs. Royals
    This one holds a special place, as we were there for the first 1-0 walk-off hit in Chase Field history. Davis and Greinke were each spotless, pitching seven shutout innings and the bullpens matched zeros through the regulation nine. We left 12 men on base, with only four hits until Tracy connected on an 0-2 pitch with one out in the tenth, depositing it down the right-field line into the bleachers. He clearly enjoyed it: "I don't think there's any better feeling in baseball than winning a game with a walk-off home run, especially with what I've been through trying to get back here... I happened to put it on the barrel at the right trajectory and I hit it out of the ballpark."

  • Alex Romero, game-saving catch - July 29, vs. Padres
    In the bottom of the eighth, the Diamondbacks clung to the lead - 3-0 up, but the Padres had loaded the bases with two men out and Doug Davis was just trying to get through the inning. Jody Gerut, however, had other plans, driving the ball way, way back to the gap in right center. In any other park, it would have been a grand-slam, but this was Petco. Said Romero, playing right-field:  "I knew the ball was hit well, but I just ran to the ball as hard as I could and tried to keep my eyes on the ball. I never expected to catch the ball, but I wanted to catch it. In that situation, it was like, I've got to dive for it or whatever. I've got to make that play." Make it he did, running full-speed to snag the ball and save the game.

  • Brandon Webb strikes out Albert Pujols - September 22, vs. Cardinals
    This is what baseball is all about: the best pitcher facing the best hitter, and here is a perfect example. For since 2006, no-one with 300+ NL innings has a better ERA than Webb; no-one with 500+ PAs has a better OPS than Pujols. The two faced off, memorably, on a Monday night game in St. Louis, with Arizona 3-2 up, but the tying run on third. Webb fell behind 2-0, but got a called strike and a swinging strike to even the count. A ball in the dirt was blocked by Snyder, running the count full - the sixth pitch provoked the kind of hack very rarely seen from Pujols, and he went down swinging, keeping Webb on course for his 22nd victory.