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Playoff Gameday Thread #6: 10/6/08

MLB Postseason on SB Nation

The National League Championship Series was set yesterday. Jeff Suppan's post-season experience was of no help, as the Phillies homered the Brewers right out of the series on their way to a 6-2 win. They get ready to host the Dodgers starting on Thursday. Today brings the possibilities of deciding the ALCS teams - or of going to Game 5s in both.


2:05pm AZT, TBS

Series: 2-1, Rays


Andy Sonnanstine
RHP, 13-9, 4.38


Gavin Floyd
RHP, 17-8, 3.84

Andy Sonnanstine - who? Not a big name pitcher, but one the Rays need to rely on today. He didn't end the season on a positive note (losing his last 3) but he has handled the White Sox nicely this season, going 1-0 with a sub-3 ERA in 4 starts. But the White Sox finally hit with runners in scoring position yesterday to stave off elimination for at least one more day. They have been energized by their home crowd and send out the young Gavin Floyd to make his post-season debut (as will Sonnanstine) and keep the Rays from getting their big hits in scoring position. (Yahoo lists 17 LOB yesterday.) The Rays need to not let their loss disparage them, and the Sox need to keep their offense going. Should be an interesting matchup.


5:35pm AZT, TBS

Series: 2-1, Sox


John Lackey
RHP, 12-5, 3.75

Series: 0-1, 2.70


Jon Lester
LHP, 16-6, 3.21

Series: 1-0, 0.00

This is a rematch of Game 1 of this series. Can I just copy what I wrote then? ;) Probably not, as I don't think it played out as expected. This was a great low-scoring pitchers' duel. Jon Lester allowed 6 hits but only 1 unearned run, and John Lackey gave up 4 hits but 3 walks and 2 earned runs. Last night's 12-inning affair (won by the Angels) combined with the starters' short starts may have taxed the bullpen. This is particularly important for K-Rod, who threw over 33 pitches in one inning, and Papelbon, who threw 31 pitches in two innings. If Boston can keep Mike Napoli from hitting moon shots tonight,  Boston has a good shot of winning this one.