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Playoff Gameday Thread #2: 10/2/08

We had a pretty good turnout for yesterday's action, so we've decided to keep it going for a while longer. Interest will likely wane eventually, but after spending 6 months with you crazy people, I can't imagine going elsewhere to follow a team, even if it's not ours. But if you're interested, SBNation has a nice post-season section set up with links to all the other blogs.

MLB Postseason on SB Nation

Yesterday in a nutshell: the Phillies took advantage of Brewer miscues to win 3-1, the Dodgers slammed (literally) the Cubs 7-3, and the Red Sox came away with a 4-1 win over the Angels, running their streak to 10 straight wins over Anaheim in the post-season. (Interestingly, the last pair of teams to exhibit that kind of dominance/ineptitude was Oakland going 10-0 over Boston from '88-'03.)


2:37pm ET, TBS


Javier Vazquez
RHP, 12-16, 4.67


James Shields
RHP, 12-8, 3.56

Today brings our first look at the White Sox and Rays, and it will be a test for both teams. The Sox had to essentially play two extra games just to get to the post-season, and the nerves of the young Rays will be put center stage in their first ever playoff game. We know from experience that Javy Vazquez is like a coin - it can land on its head or its tail, but it is durable enough to always land somewhere. He has the experience that can overcome his sometimes gaudy-looking numbers, but he can just as easily implode on himself. A brief glance at Shields' numbers shows he can give up a lot of hits and walks but not necessarily a lot of runs. This looks like a toss up... either one of these teams can come away with this one.


6:07pm ET, TBS


CC Sabathia
LHP, 17-10, 2.70


Brett Myers
RHP, 10-13, 4.55

Despite the score, Milwaukee played pretty well yesterday. Both offenses were weak, and Philadelphia's 3 runs came all in one inning and were all unearned for starter Yovani Gallardo. Milwaukee has to score for its ace CC Sabathia, who is running out there on 3 days' rest for the 4th straight time. Cole Hamels was masterful over the Brewers, but don't expect Brett Myers to be able to do the same thing. It should be Sabathia's turn to confound the offense, but you have to think that all these starts on short rest might backfire eventually. Edge to Milwaukee for having Sabathia on the mound.


9:37pm ET, TBS


Chad Billingsly
RHP, 16-10, 3.14


Carlos Zambrano
RHP, 14-6, 3.91

Cubs fans and Cubs alike were stunned by yesterday's 7-3 defeat. Lou Pinella left starter Ryan Dempster in there a bit too long, just long enough for James Loney hit a monster grand slam to pull the Dodgers from behind 0-2 to ahead 4-2. The Cubs never really threatened after that, and the Dodgers tacked on throughout the rest of the night. Glad to see Pinella isn't "saving" Zambrano for Game 9 or anything. Both of these starters are workhorses with similar numbers, but I give the edge to Z and the Cubs tonight. Do not expect them to go out as quietly this year as they did last.