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Best. Day. Ever.

1. I will not be moved at work to answering phone-calls from peeved customers.

2. The Dodgers get knocked out of the playoffs.

3. Mrs. SnakePit just came home, having popped into Casino Arizona on her way back and...


We'll draw a polite veil over exactly how much she won, but notice the two 5x multiple symbols on the pay line, and also that it was a $5 slot-machine. Let's just say, it was more cash than I have ever seen in my entire life [and I used to work in the City of London]. Yes, we were the ones doing the scalping tonight. :-)

Postscript. Couple of amusing sidelines I forgot to mention. When Mrs. SnakePit came home, her question to me was, 'What would be more wonderful tonight than the Phillies winning the pennant?' My answer, incorrectly, was 'Er... The Dodgers losing it?' And the only reason she went in to the casino was apparently because her sister told her about a dream, in which Chris won a lot of money, and was holding a large wad of cash. Needless to say, the sister has a very nice dinner in her future. Now, if only we can get her to dream about the Diamondbacks winning the World Series...