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Playoffs Gameday Thread #1: 10/1/08

Well, despite our beloved Diamondbacks not being in the playoffs, I know a lot of us have other allegiances (temporarily, perhaps) and figured we could use a place to discuss these games. Depending on activity, this thread may just be updated each day with the matchups.

The best laid plans... well, I missed the TBS pregame show so my analysis for these games isn't going to be very deep. Please add your own thoughts in the thread!


3:07pm ET, TBS


Yovani Gallardo
RHP, 0-0, 1.88


Cole Hamels
RHP, 14-10, 3.09

Milwaukee has an uphill battle against the Phillies, as they are only 1-5 in their meetings this year! In the last series in September, the Phillies scored 20 runs against the Brewers' 7. Yovani Gallardo is making only his fifth start of the year, returning from two knee surgeries, and is one of only a few pitchers to start a post-season game with no record from the regular season. (And no pitcher with that few starts has ever started a Game 1.) Hopefully this game will play out without a rain delay.


6:37pm ET, TBS


Derek Lowe
RHP, 14-11, 3.24


Ryan Dempster
RHP, 17-6, 2.96

Oh joy, the series that most (but not all) of us are dreading... because unfortunately, one of these two teams has to win. The Cubs have 13 more wins than the Dodgers, but the Dodgers have played pretty good baseball the last 5 weeks. The Cubs are 5-2 against the Dodgers this season, but all of those games were before the All-Star Break (and before Mannywood). Derek Lowe has been more lights-out recently, but Dempster is one of the aces of the Cubs staff just like Lowe. This shapes up to be a good game.


10:07pm ET, TBS


Jon Lester
LHP, 16-6, 3.24


John Lackey
RHP, 12-5, 3.75

The Angels have a lot to prove in this series against the Red Sox - they are 0-9 against them in playoff games... 3 straight sweeps! Boston has quite a few injuries and question marks, whereas the Angels are healthy - the complete opposite of last year. The regular season record also favors the Angels, with "Anaheim" going 8-1 against them and winning 8 straight. Lackey is very beatable, and he had a horrible last start (2.2 IP, 10 ER), but Boston won't want to face K-Rod at the end of the game.

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