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Saturday randomness

Find myself with a little time to kill, before we head over to the Broadway Rec in Mesa, for the IZW/RPW Unification pro-wrestling show. So here's a dump of a few things that piqued my interest of late.

  • John Sickels lists his Top 20 AZ Prospects. Jarrod Parker, interestingly, is #1, just pipping Scherzer. He adds, "They have the ability to recharge quickly and some of these Grade C+ guys could end up being quite good." Hah! Take that, Rox Girl. ;-)

  • Speaking of which, if you haven't already done so, take a look at the comments on yesterday's entry, where Rox and I are engaging in a spirited debate over the policies being adopted by our respective organizations. Dammit, if she keeps being thoughtful and intelligent, it's gonna be really hard to rip her and the Rockies when we get to have our SnakePit day over on Purple Row...

  • Steve Gilbert looks at our catcher situation. Looks like much of the same in 2008: Snyder the mainstay, Montero the backup. Not much depth in this position, but we shouldn't need any for the next couple of years, with Snyder under our control until the end of 2009. Though, if Montero hits a bit better this year, suspect Snyder might be traded at the end of this season.

  • Gonzo a Brewer? Says his agent, "Luis thinks he'd be a perfect fit in Milwaukee. He knows they're looking for a left-handed bat in left field and could benefit from his veteran experience as well." In other news, Carlos Quentin mops his brow, delighted he wasn't dealt to the Beer City.

  • My colleagues at Beyond the Box Score have an interview with Paul DePodesta; since he's now part of the Padres front-office, this falls into the category of 'Know Your Enemy'. Particularly good comments on what makes a Moneyball player.

  • Speaking of the Padres, looks like GLB do have a sense of humor. Well, as long as it's not about MySpace or unicorns, I guess. Best use of black squares since Borat.

  • Keith Glab looks at who'll bat leadoff for us in 2008. He wants to see Byrnes get more time atop the order, with Young moving further down - which should hopefully help reduce those solo homers a bit.