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Gameday Thread, #144: 9/9 vs. Cardinals

Brad Thompson (25, RHP, 6-5, 5.07)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 13-11, 3.98) preview [opens in new window]

Chance to go for the jugular today, and complete the sweep. Got to feel good with Davis on the mound, who has been mostly excellent since the start of August, though last time was a bit of a Houdini act, giving up five walks but allowing only the one earned run and still getting the win. Not got time to say much more: we're off to the game, and just got off the phone with my mother back in Scotland. The weekly chat took a little longer than usual, but since my Dad did get a replacement hip earlier on Thursday, I needed to make sure all was well there. He should be coming home tomorrow - if his test ascent of the stairs in the hospital goes well today! - so that's a good note on which to leave. Here's to good health, and a Sunday sweep of St. Louis.