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DBacks Daily 9/9/07 - Resilience Wins Again

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Another win for the ages! On a night when everyone around us won, when our starter couldn't get out of the third inning, and when it was announced our second baseman went out for the season, this was a win worth fighting for. And fight we did! Up 3-0 quick, down 7-3 even quicker, we scratched out a 9-8 win of these tough Cardinals.

It was a quiet gameday thread last night. Some people at the game, some people at other events. For those of you who missed the actual game, I recommend the Republic's recap. The Tribune recap isn't too bad either, but the AP recap is rather bland.

Notes today focus on Orlando Hudson's impending surgery. There's a side feature on Callaspo in the Republic. The Republic also reports on Tuesday's 5th starter - Edgar Gonzalez. The Tribune notes mention the Diamondbacks' Class-A affiliate Visalia Oaks (when did that happen? What happened to Lancaster?) won their first-round post-season series. They neglected to add that they're now playing one San Jose Giants! If I would've known, I would've tried to go to last night's game. There's a chance I can make it to Game 5 (if it's played). If so, I'll bring my best scouting report back.

Ha, I knew this was too short for a reason - I forgot to check! Interesting quote from the recap: Entering the game, Melvin likely might not have liked his chances in a game that turned to the bullpens early, with Tony Pena, Bob Wickman and Juan Cruz unavailable. Anyone know why Wickman was unavailable? notes discuss more of EdGon's start and replacing Orlando.

Game time 1:40pm, Brad Thompson vs Doug Davis.