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DBacks Daily 9/8/07 - Someone New Every Day

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Heeey, as I wrote this title, I noticed how cool the date looked - 09/08/07. (Sorry, Brits, month first.) Anyway, moving on. I'm posting this entry just a weeee bit early (but it is Saturday!) because I'll be gone 'til early afternoon at soccer practice and wanted to leave us a place to discuss the happenings.

I have a feeling the title will be more apropos as the season heads towards October. Today, it's indicative of two things - Bob Wickman in the bullpen, and Ojeda at 2B. It's probably going to be a revolving door out there at second these next three weeks (if it lasts that long). Callaspo is going to need the ABs to get his mind used to seeing major league pitching again, while he needs to not strain his hamstring and we can keep Ojeda fresh.

The game recaps are up already, the AP recap, also Piecoro's in the Republic, and Each article takes a different angle - the AP is rather play-for-play, the Republic takes a slant on Hudson, and a slant on Webb. Funny quote from BoMel about Orlando:

About the only thing Melvin could complain about was the seat placement of the gregarious Hudson, who planted himself next to the manager during the game.

"I hope he's in there tomorrow," joked Melvin after the game, "because I can't take that."

I had to laugh at how closely he was sitting to Melvin throughout the game. I bet that was as restrained as he's been in quite a while, though!

One set of notes out tonight is from They devote a good portion to the acquisition of Bob Wickman. The good: we won't have to pay much of his salary (just the pro-rated minimum). The potentially bad: He's not eligible for the post-season roster. Luckily, an MRI on Cruz's neck showed "nothing really, really bad." However, apparently this has been bothering him for a couple of weeks. Come on, Cruz! I know you want to be strong, but you've got to share this information with the rest of the class! (Yet I know it's entirely possible the medical staff knew of his discomfort.)

Notes from the Republic that somehow have yesterday's date on them also focus on Wickman, Cruz, Callaspo, and the dreaded 5th starter's spot on Tuesday. The Tribune also focuses on Wickman, who apparently arrived just in time for the Team Photo. (Yeah, because we all really want him on our baseball cards next year.)

To end this on a positive note.... um... I don't really have one. Three-game win streak! Our lead is back to two games! Woohoo!