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Gameday Thread, #143: 9/8 vs. Cardinals

Braden Looper, RHP (12-10, 4.45)
Micah Owings, RHP (6-8, 4.75) preview [opens in new window]

And if anyone knows where Saturday afternoon went, please let me know. I seem to have misplaced it entirely. Last time I looked at my watch, it was just afternoon,but now it's 6:30pm - and what exactly have I done? Nothing. Oh, well. Guess that's what the weekend is for. Today, I can't say I'm going in expecting a win. Micah Owings' last outing was a home-run derby for the opposition, and though he smacked a double in his only at-bat, that was his final contribution to the game.

Looper, on the other hand, has delivered five quality starts in a row including seven innings of shutout ball each of his past two appearances. That does conceal one factor that might work in our favor: left-handers hit significantly better against him than righties, so I'm thinking we'll see a lineup stocked with southpaws. Unfortunately, of course, we'll be one down in that category, with the switch-hitting Hudson done for the season, basically. That's definitely a blow - you can't lose a .294 hitter with Gold Glove defense - and we just have to hope that Callaspo, who looks set to become the regular second baseman, performs better than he did first time up.

Not going to be around much for commenting on this one, I think - a day off baseball seems like a good idea - and I know DbacksSkins is also missing, so we'll see how the thread goes. I look forward, hopefully, to checking in later and seeing our fourth win in a row. With the Phillies, Dodgers, Braves and Padres all either winning or already winners, a victory would be helpful. Though, as already noted, a loss would not be unexpected.