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Gameday Thread, #142: 9/7 vs. Cardinals

Adam Wainwright (25, RHP, 13-9, 3.78)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 14-10, 2.91) preview [opens in new window]

Trust everyone had a good day off: didn't seem to slow things down here very much, which is good to see. Of course, we had a fair bit to talk about, one way or another: the injury to Hudson, the arrival of Wickman, and the revelation about Rick 'does this cap make my head look big?' Ankiel. I hope AZ fans hammer away at him this weekend: it may not be fair, it may not be true, but this is a pennant chase, and if the boot was on the other foot, I've little doubt Troy Glaus would be hearing it from the St. Louis fans...

Getting this up very early, because I will be meandering home by bus tonight. That requires a swift exit from work tonight, on the dot of 5:30, and I probably won't be home in time for first pitch. Let's hope Webb returns to his normal form, after wobbling, more or less, in his last couple of starts. Wainwright has been tough of late, allowing only four earned runs in his last four starts, covering 25.2 innings, so Webb will need to be on his game.

The Cardinals have gone on a late-season charge, and despite being one game above .500, are only a game back in the NL Suck-al. Going into play a month ago today, they were eight back and dead in the water, but have a 19-10 record since, and are right back in the chase. While it won't be easy, I think we have a pitching edge today, and certainly Sunday, so turning two of these games into wins will be fine.