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DBacks Daily 9/6/07 - There's No Place Like 1st

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We wake this morning with the Diamondbacks back in 1st place in the NL West! We're also back to tied with the Mets for most wins in the NL. The Mets have a "magic number" by their name already, and according to we should have the same, but I agree with Jim, that number makes no sense for us just yet.

The AP recap could be titled "Diamondbacks vs Peavy" because, well, that's what happened, and that's the angle it focuses on. recap is similar, but talks less of the actual game. If you missed the game, read he AP article.

The recap by Piecoro in the Republic talks about Arizona's heart, their desire to win, and their fight against the Padres' two best pitchers. It doesn't matter that Young may not be healthy and Peavy was on short rest, the fact is they're two more games in the win column for us and the loss column for them.

Bolvin of the Republic has an article about Melvin pushing all the right buttons and the players making him look real good for it.

Notes today from and the Republic are pretty similar. Things to note:

  • Chad Tracy played catch yesterday and is making progress, eyeing a September return, but it'll be a few more days till he takes swings and determines if that's a reality. We could certainly use his bat and defense.
  • Justin Upton was named USA Today Minor League Player of the Year, the first Diamondback to win the honor
  • Tony Peña is feeling better, having gotten the chance to work Tuesday in the 9-1 game on stuff he's been doing in the bullpen.
  • Webb says his arm's feeling fine, no tiredness from 200+ innings in a tight season. We'll rely on that arm again on Friday.
  • 5th starter goes Tuesday, but we don't know yet who that starter will be... ::frets:: EdGon is a likely candidate, though I think it also depends on how much he / the bullpen is needed this weekend. They'll be in San Fran Monday through Wednesday (omg yay), and the air's pretty dense up here this time of year, so hopefully there'll not be as much long ball.
I didn't check the East Valley Tribune or ESPN this morning, is there anything else of note?

It'll be pretty quiet around the baseball world today, with only one game of note to watch, Dodgers in Chicago. Let's go, Cubbies!