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DBacks Daily 9/5/07 - Our Kids, Are A Very...

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...very very fine group! (For the most part.)

We kick off this very fine morning with a really nice feature by Tim Brown (whose style of writing I prefer over Jeff Passan's) about Arizona, mainly the rookies but also how the team kinda works around them, how we're holding up (today, not just overall). Orlando calls them "my kids" but I beg to differ with you, O - they're all our kids, we'll associate with them. :-)

Chris Young - the new Maddux? AP recap a lot about Young this morning, with some on the offense (Tony Clark) and a bit on Davis. Mainly of note:

No one hits Young harder than the Diamondbacks. Three of Young's six losses have come against Arizona, and he has allowed 16 earned runs in 19 2-3 innings, a 7.32 ERA.

Young is 9-3 with a 1.88 ERA against everyone else.


It was a big game for the Dbacks, writes McManaman of the Republic. We really do have a tendency to bounce back, and on the shoulders of DD, that's huge. Another article from the Republic talks about the game last night from Doug Davis's point of view and how awesome he's been lately. recap also gives Davis a lot of the credit for last night's win. notes discuss the lineup changes of moving CY from the leadoff spot. They also mention Webb going Friday and Callaspo being recalled today.

Lots of notes in the Republic today regarding the lineup shuffle, possible other changes, and the loose clubhouse. And they have an interesting statistic on Livan: He is one of just three major-league pitchers - Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine are the others - who have started at least 30 games in each of the past nine years. Talk about durability... that's pretty amazing.

According to these stats, nearly a quarter of Peavy's season stats belong to us! 45/206 strikeouts, 3/16 wins. Yes, that's because he's faced us so much this season, but it's also clear it's because he pwns us. Let's hope we don't add to those numbers as much today as we did last time.

Finally, we have today a wonderful article about Orlando Hudson, our Roberto Clemente nominee. I didn't know this previously, but Orlando does a lot of work with autistic children, and has for quite a while. This article gives good look at his work, and shows how truly wonderful of a person Orlando is.

Hudson arranges for families to attend monthly "game nights," where he provides them with a private luxury suite and hosts a meet-and-greet session with the children before each game. It's often the first time these kids have gotten to attend a game because of the difficulty parents have managing their children's special needs in a loud stadium setting. By providing them with a luxury suite, the kids are able to enjoy the game without being subject to the sensory overload of noise and crowds.