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Gameday Thread, #140: 9/4 vs. Padres

Chris Young (28, RHP, 9-5, 2.38)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 12-11, 4.09) preview [opens in new window]

Fear of the Evil Chris Young has largely been undone by his last start, where he had no control at all, and walked six in 4.1 innings of work. As a result, his ERA versus Arizona this year soared to 6.32: against everyone else, it's 1.88. Here's to that continuing, and Doug Davis continuing to be the stalwart #2 pitcher we need him to be down the stretch. Not allowing four home-runs in the first three innings - that'd be a help. Elsewhere, Phillies up on Atlanta, Dodgers tied with the Cubs, but the Giants just put a four-spot on the Rockies and are 5-1 up in the third.

I liked jbox's suggestion over on GLB: "The D-Backs should use the heat as their home field advantage and keep the roof closed with the AC on but put the visitor's bullpen in direct sunlight with no AC. There should be lush green grass on the field and then the visitor bullpen is behind some glass and it is desert with cactus, heat and rattlesnakes." might just work. The downside is, I imagine that'd mean, when we go to San Diego, our bullpen will be filled with water, and there'll be a sleek, black and white fin cutting the surface. Still, we could just tell Livan it's a sushi bar, and he'd take care of Shamu for us. :-)