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DBacks Daily 9/4/07 - The Bad News Snakes

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Sorry for being so tardy with this... just one of those days! Short one this morning, as we all don't really need to dwell on another day of bad news...

The AP recap focuses on Maddux with a bit on roughing up Owings (and Murphy). The Republic and Nick Piecoro talks about reasons to worry (and reasons not to) and the playoff chase in the context of the game itself. Good (if somewhat obvious) quote from Eric Byrnes:

"If we keep this up, we'll be sitting at home in October," outfielder Eric Byrnes said. "If we start playing better and start playing up to our capabilities and fulfilling our potential, I think we have a good enough team to be playing in October." recap is similar, though more coverage of the game action. If you missed the game, that's the one to read. The Tribune, again, is rather boring and I might stop linking to their recaps if they don't improve (and their ads are bugging the crap out of me).

Everybody's notes today discuss Peavy possibly coming back on short rest on Wednesday night, which is now essentially being reported as definite. The Republic notes discuss "on the job training" for the rookies and Robby Hammock's return. (Love him!) Notes from discusses Eveland and Peña among the other regular topics of Drew and Bonifacio.

Lastly, the Tribune has a feature on the Diamondbacks latest skid and losing their faith. There is still hope... but the team has to find it before it's passed over to us fans.