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DBacks Daily 9/30/07 - Who needs a good run differential, anyway?

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Yesterday can kind of tell the story of our season - we lose big, the Padres lose close, and we still end up a winner! That's right, NL West Division Champs!! But it isn't over yet. Still a lot of games going on this morning that will determine who we face in the first round. My remote's going to get a workout...

And since I've been watching instead of writing this, I'll hurry up and wrap it up!

  • Diamondbacks celebrate in style courtesy of Livo before the game yesterday.. a stark contrast to the night before. Nice article.
  • AP Recap talks more of the post-season hopes (of both teams) than game action
  • Looks like the writer followed suit with the team's lack of performance in not writing very much of a recap. Story? What story? Meh.
  • Another "Recap? I have to write what?" Nick Piecoro doesn't cover game action in this article either, instead discussing remaining playoff possibilities.
  • notes: Bonifacio's start, Cirillo's first playoffs, and BK Kim's contribution. (Yes, really.)
  • Cubs fans seem to think their team is coming here for the NLDS, because they were in line yesterday picking up a bunch of tickets too.
Finally, there's a nice article by Doug Haller in the Republic on this year's team reaching the playoffs five years later.

Doug Davis's start was postponed and Petit will start today against Jimenez. Almost game time - let's do this!