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Gameday Thread, #139: 9/3 vs. Padres

Greg Maddux (41, RHP, 10-9, 3.79)
Micah Owings (24, RHP, 6-7, 4.51) preview [opens in new window]

Rematch! Yep, these two go against each other again, as they did last Wednesday, with the result a no-decision. Both men went seven innings and allowed one earned run - if anything, Owings got the moral victory, allowing only three hits to Maddux's eight. But it was the Padres who ended up on top in San Diego, scoring twice in the eighth to leave with the win.

Hopefully, things will be different today, and we can continue our franchise's domination of Maddux: we weren't really that dominating last time, but did stop him from getting a W. That's now thirteen starts and less than a week short of seven years since he beat the Diamondbacks. Last time he did, our relief corps that day was Greg Swindell, Russ Springer and Dan Plesac. He had an excellent August, with a 2.37 ERA, his best of the year, so it won't be easy.

Meanwhile, Owings will be looking to build on his streak of success, which has seen four quality starts in a row, and an ERA of 3.03 in August. That is, of course, on top of batting .421 with eight RBI and three homers. Heck, only 62 hitters had more homers in the National League, and only two of them in less than 50 at-bats: Micah had nineteen. So, it'll be no surprise if there's as much buzz when he steps to the plate today, as when he takes the mound.