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DBacks Daily 9/3/07 - Labor of Love

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Labor of love, or labor of hate these days? It's not easy watching this team struggle. The veterans are coming up empty, the rookies are making mistakes. When we get good pitching, we can't hit. When we hit, the pitching struggles. This isn't a playoff-calibre team right now. Let's see what today's news has to say about it.

AP recap is a good recap of the game itself. The Republic talks about Webb's struggles, Upton's running error, and what little offense we had. is similar. The Tribune recap is another shortie, written by Magruder's understudy again.

Another callup - the Trib says Medders was brought up yesterday. (sigh) They also have a bit on TC, Trace, and Salazar (he needs a nickname). The Republic notes also talk about Salazar and Bonifacio. There's also a feature on callups and how playing with the "different set of rules" can affect the team. notes have a good write-up on Carlos Gonzalez, for whom the team may or may not have room. They also have some quotes from Medders, who says he has his stuff and his confidence back (but he did have a 4.69 ERA in 48 innings).

In a nice side feature, both good Chris Young and Micah Owings get virtual votes for the NL RoY in Jeff Passan's column.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! With the holiday and the game not on TV anywhere, I can't imagine what the gameday threads are going to be like. Quiet? Crowded from Gameday-watchers? We'll see when we get there. :)