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Gameday Thread, #161: 9/29 vs. Rockies

Edgar Gonzalez (24, RHP, 8-3, 4.73)
Mark Redman (33, LHP, 1-4, 8.67) preview [opens in new window]

With the Padres going down to the Brewers in extra innings, the Diamondbacks have won the 2007 National League West, guaranteed themselves the top seed in the league, and home-advantage throughout the playoffs. Today and tomorrow can thus became celebrations of the fact, with our core players being rested for bigger, more important battles to come. Well, it may not be relevant to us, but the Rockies are still in this thing.

Specifically, if they win tonight, and the Padres lose again tomorrow, then all hell could break lose. We are, depending on how the Mets and Phillies do, possibly looking at a four-way tie for the Wild Card, with two of those teams also tied for the NL East. Hey, we've paid our dues in antacids and ulcers this year: let's kick back, enjoy the last couple of days, and let others stress out for the remainder of the season. Especially, the Padres, who have to decide whether to send Peavy out on short rest, or put their post-season hopes on the shoulders of...Brett Tomko. Rather them than us!

We've running the door at the last Romantasy show tonight, down at the Paper Heart. I'll be lap-top enabled, but probably not until about 6:30pm, so will join the thread in progress. There will be beer. Oh, there will be lots of beer. Will there be dancing girls too, master? Dancing girls. Yes. I decree there will be dancing girls too. Cake, too. And none of that off-the-shelf stuff either...