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Gameday Thread, #159: 9/27 vs. Pirates

Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 17-10, 3.02)
But see the comments...
John Van Benschoten (27, RHP, 0-6, 9.73) preview [opens in new window]

Just look at the comparison in those stats: the Pittsburgh starter is winless this season, and has an ERA more than three times that of ours. He has lasted three innings in only one of his last four starts. Really, if you had to hand-pick an opponent for a "must-win" game, you could not do much better than Mr. Van Benschoten.

However, after our performances of the past three games, you will understand why I am still feeling nervous - and you are probably feeling exactly the same way. This team has not played very well at all since the finale of the home-stand, and the results have been apparent, as we've lost all three games and been outscored 18-7 in the process. That's how this team has rolled, all season: one week, we look utterly unstoppable, the next we play as if the entire game is alien to us. But, we should still remember, and I think the point should be stressed, so large, red font please:

We have the best record in the National League

Thank you for your attention in this matter. All we need to do is play anything like the best team in the league over the final four games, and we'll be just fine. I suspect most of the comments will come from our Brit Pack, since they will be getting the game at teatime over there. My presence will likely be very limited, since I start work thirty-five minutes before first pitch. I will, however, definitely be following with interest. Let's get this game taken care of, and can then sit back, relax and cheer on the Braves (4:05pm), Brewers (5:05pm) and Dodgers (7:10pm).