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Gameday Thread, #158: 9/26 vs. Pirates

Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 11-10, 4.85)
Matt Morris (32, RHP, 9-11, 5.02) preview [opens in new window]

Five games to go: three wins guarantee us the post-season. In fact, I think three guarantees us the NL West title too: that would get us 91 wins. The Padres are the only team who can reach that, and even if they did, we would take the title because we won the season series. I'm open to any corrections on this matter, however...

Turning to Livan Hernandez for comfort is a strange situation, but even though he's allowed 16 earned runs in 23 innings over his last four starts, that's still much better than Morris: 22 earned runs in 18.1 innings. Yikes. So, here's to our hitters getting the hits, with fewer wasted opportunities, men left on base and rally-killing double-plays. We will, of course, also be watching the Phillies, Rockies and Padres games with interest as they unfold. Afternoon start, a 4:05pm Arizona first pitch, so usual limited participation from me, at least till I get home around 6pm.