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Gameday Thread, #157: 9/25 vs. Pirates

Doug Davis (31, LHP, 13-12, 4.27)
Ian Snell (25, RHP, 9-12, 3.83) preview [opens in new window]

Here we go. Last six games, and the magic number is at four, both for the post-season and the division. The Padres loss yesterday tweaked our post-season chances to 96.2%, but I'm not going to count anything until that reached 100%. We face the slumping Pirates, who should be easy fodder, but as FormerGiantsFan noted, they play a lot tougher at home (35-40) than the road (31-50).

Today will perhaps be the toughest game in the series, as Snell has been the Pirates best pitcher, and has a 1.67 ERA in four September starts, though only has one win to go with it. Davis is similarly 1-1, but his ERA this month is 5.75, with opponents batting .360. Ulp. Word is, some tinkering has been done: I certainly hope that's the case. I'm thinking two wins of three, and hopefully the Padres will drop two more against the Giants, so we can clinch on Thursday.

Early start: I'm at work, which will limit things there, and at 5:30, will be heading to IZW wrestling for the evening, so comments overall will be light from this corner. But I'll certainly be following with interest.