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DBacks Daily 9/25/07 - Leavin' on a jet plane

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(Okay, so they flew yesterday. I'm not creative today. Getting this up not long before game time today, hehe, sorry.)

Well the most exciting news of the day is the Padres' loss to the Giants, which we enjoyed in yesterday's Daily thread. As the Padres' hopes for the division title dim, ours are getting brighter, but nothing is a lock in this game.

Arizona news: the AP has a feature on the Diamondbacks closing in on a playoff berth. The Tribune talks about scoreboard watching - the players all do it, even if they don't talk about it. Conor Jackson mentions it can be motivating. The Tribune has notes about Doug Davis and his delivery and the success the Diamondbacks had at home. Speaking of delivery, Jose Valverde is a finalist for the "DHL Presents the Major League Baseball Delivery Man of the Month Award". (I sure hope those trophy people don't charge by the letter.) And the Republic has a story on how Chris Young has really blossomed as a player.

The Republic also links to articles about other teams around the league: Bradley out for season, Pinella has Cubs eyeing playoffs, Phillies aim high and A's keep Geren, Ellis.

Tim Brown picks Melvin for NL Manager of the Year:

This was the team nobody thought much about, not even when it was in first place - in September. They've had kids as regulars - or getting lots of playing time - at catcher, third base, shortstop and two of the three outfield spots. Melvin has come up with 89 different lineups. He's had six different starting third basemen, six different left and right fielders, and, as of Orlando Hudson's late-season injury, four different second baseman. He had Jose Valverde grow into a full-time closer and Tony Pena a full-time setup man, and got all of 10 starts out of Randy Johnson. This team is going to win 90-plus games while being outscored. Melvin was a patient and positive leader, allowing the Diamondbacks to arrive a year or two ahead of schedule.

Early game time today, 4:05, with Doug Davis going against Ian Snell in Pittsburgh. Let's keep bearing down on those poor Pirates and lower our magic number one game at a time. Go DBacks!