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DBacks Daily 9/24/07 - Cooled Off [and SD/SF Gameday Thread!]

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Well I guess it's good to be cooled off in the desert, but only when it's the temperature and not our offense! Granted, we faced some pretty good pitching yesterday, and unfortunately couldn't match them in that respect either. But, it's one day off the schedule, and we hit the road for the final six games. (Be on the lookout for rookie hazing photos.)

The AP recap is a mixture of play action and wrap-up. Not a bad read. Interesting quote from Chris Young: "Whoever said that they're not watching the scoreboard is probably lying to you," Arizona rookie Chris Young said. "We lost, and they ended up losing, too." I wonder if the "they" means his teammates or the other teams. BoMel stresses one game at a time, take care of your own stuff and the rest will fall into place. He says that publicly after every game, as he did yesterday, so I find it interesting CY comes out with that quote.

The Republic recap covers the loss in the context of the bigger picture, with game action thrown in at the end. It discusses EdGon's blister and attempt at helping it with crazy glue, but the end result was an inefficient pitcher. The Tribune article is much the same, more on the division than on our game itself. is much the same, discussing the playoffs, Gonzalez, and Reynolds.

Speaking of Reynolds, the Republic has a nice feature on him by Paola Boivin. It discusses his rise from AA and how he's now adjusting to big-league pitchers.

Notes today cover the Pittsburgh trip and rotation (Republic), Ojeda, Callaspo and Garagiola ( and Luis Gonzalez and the attendance numbers (Tribune).

Oh and quite possibly the funniest (if not the best) news of the day: Milton Bradley tore his ACL during the blow-up yesterday. Real classy, Milton. Even if the ump was after you, when your manager pushes you the first time, you get out of the damn way and don't wait for a second.

Enjoy the off day, everyone. Remember: Go Giants!

[editor's note, by snakecharmer] Come on in and join the party of a San Diego/San Francisco gameday thread!