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Gameday Thread, #156: 9/23 vs. Dodgers

Chad Billingsley, RHP (11-5, 3.15)
Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (8-2, 4.61) preview [opens in new window]

It'd certainly be nice to get the win today, which would slam the final nail in the coffin of the Dodger's post-season chances. Not really expecting too much, as Billingsley has been as good a pitcher, outside of Penny, as the Dodgers have had. However, after dropping seven in a row, they will undoubtedly be shell-shocked, and the way Edgar has performed his past couple of starts, he should be able to keep us in this one.

Scoreboards will be being watched, no doubt. At the time of writing, the Phillies are 3-2 down in the seventh at Washington, and the Padres will face the Rockies one last time this afternoon. Keep an eye out for us on TV this afternoon: I think it's safe to say you will know us if you see us, even though we are in section 331. It's gonna be a lot of fun, no doubt about that: the place will be packed, and totally rockin', for all the right reasons. Let's end the regular season at Chase on a high note!