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Gameday Thread, #155: 9/22 vs. Dodgers

David Wells (44, LHP, 8-8, 5.40)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 16-10, 3.03) preview [opens in new window]

Just tossing this up quickly before I leave. David Wells hasn't actually lost since the Padres dumped him - he's gone 3-0 for the Dodgers, albeit with a not-exactly amazing 4.82 ERA in those five outings. I think the wheels are finally about to come off Mr. Wells' buffet-cart, as he faces Brandon Webb and the unstoppable behemoth which has been the Arizona Diamondbacks of late.

Okay, Webb has perhaps not quite been unstoppable recently - a 5.46 ERA in his last five games - but you get the idea. Win tonight, take the series, and go for the sweep tomorrow, in front of a packed crowd including multiple SnakePitters. Sounds like a plan to me. Comments to follow, in my case, from the Paper Heart.