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Gameday Thread, #154: 9/21 vs. Dodgers

Esteban Loaiza (35, RHP, 2-2, 4.55)
Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 10-10, 4.86) preview [opens in new window]

I think the D-backs will be exercising great patience against Loaiza here, seeing as he walked seven of them in his last start. Despite that, we didn't really capitalize, managing only one hit in 4.2 innings - a three-run homer by Snyder. We'll be hoping that he is either just as wild, or somewhat more hittable.

Hernandez 2.0 has not had a good September: 17 innings, 21 hits, eight walks, five homers and 13 earned runs, an ERA of 6.88. We'll be needing better from him in his last couple of starts, otherwise we may be forced to look elsewhere for a playoff starter. The Dodgers have fallen apart, dropping five straight, and are basically out of the picture ( gives them only a 0.1% chance of playoff baseball), seven games back. Let's hope that they play as if they have nothing to play for this weekend too.

Won't be about for this one, since we are going to the game, thanks to a generous benefactor. :-) While we probably won't end the weekend in the playoffs, taking two of three should see us teetering on the edge, and I'll settle for that.