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Gameday Thread, #138: 9/2 vs. Rockies

Josh Fogg (30, RHP, 7-9, 5.10)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 14-9, 2.83) preview [opens in new window]

Good chance to gain some ground here. Phillies and Braves lost already, Cubs losing (but with the tying run at the plate), though the Brewers and Cards are up. Looking at this pitching match-up, it looks like it should be advantage Arizona, but those stats conceal a nasty little secret: the Rockies own Webb. Helton and Hawpe are both over .320 lifetime, in 60 and 39 PA's respectively, while Taveras and Matsui are above .450, albeit with only 14 and 21 PA's. He's faced them four times this year, and it hasn't been pretty: a 6.84 ERA, with the Rockies overall batting exactly .300. Given the overall figure for Webb in 2007 sits at .232, that's cause for concern.

Still, Fogg is not exactly a stud. Even away from Coors, his ERA is a journeyman-like 4.57, so hopefully the offense we showed last night will hang around for a bit. Tempted not to break the streak and leave this one well alone, but I think my point was made yesterday, and the team responded appropriately, so I'll be watching this one with a lot of interest. Let's win, take the series, and gird our loins for the arrival of the Padres.