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Gameday Thread, #152: 9/18 vs. Giants

Jonathan Sanchez (24, LHP, 1-4, 5.29)
Micah Owings (24, RHP, 6-8, 4.78) preview [opens in new window]

Had to pop in to the supermarket on the way home, so not much time to get this posted. It's the battle of the mediocre here, with neither starter having got past three innings in their previous outing. Indeed, Micah Owings hasn't gone that far this month - a disappointment after an August where he made six starts with a 3.03 ERA. Rumblings abound once more concerning his position in the rotation, and another bad outing could mean he may find himself in the #5 spot currently occupied by The Paramedic.

Any chance of a win tonight, guys? It'd be really helpful, especially as St. Louis are ahead of the Phillies (though after yesterday, no lead will ever seem safe in that series), and the Dodgers have dropped the first game of their double-header in Coors. This could, therefore, prove to be a valuable change to gain some breathing space: a good pitching performance and some hits with runners in scoring position, against a starter we beat last Wednesday, would certainly be a help in that regard.