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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 24


dbacktom 3, 4 K's 4 Gonzo 5 tom couldn't quite pull off another upset, despite batting a collective .344 for the week. Ramirez hit .450 and stole three bases, but Soriano hit three homers for Gonzo. It was the mound, however, where Gonzo really came through: though Wins and Saves were tied, Gonzo took both ERA and WHIP, thanks to Oswalt, Accardo and Lidge, who all posted zero ERAs.

Crazy VIII's 3, Bob Melvin Sucks 6 In the final, they'll face Bob, who knocked off the top-seeded VIII's. VIII had eight SB's from Rolling, and a 2 W, 15 K week from Peavy, but Bob had a 2 W, 12 K performance from Carmona, and eight Runs plus six RBI from Utley. Their collective ERA was 2.02, good enough to beat VIII's 2.45, who lost for the first time since Week 17, and fall agonizingly short.

The Fighting Amish 9, Kapsaicin Kids 1The Amish take fifth spot, behind one of the all-time monster weeks from Holliday: 11 Runs, six homers and 11 RBI. That trumped Swisher's week for Kids (9 Runs, 3 HR), and Amish swept hitting: Furcal stole eight bases for them. Three saves from Rivera gave Kids their only point, and Amish rolled through otherwise, behind a W and 13 K's for Perez.

7-2 Offsuiters 4, Douchebaggery 6 Douche staged a small upset in the consolation tournament, beating #8 seeds 7-2, with a strong pitching performance, where they dropped only K's. Wagner's two saves were enough, while Meche and Gallardo each had a W and seven K's. 7-2 did better at the plate, Ramirez having a seven run, three HR week, but only hit .229. Wigginton had three HR for Douche.

Desert Dingleberries 3, Shenanigans 7 Shen moved on to the 7th-place match, enjoying a fairly-comprehensive win over Desert. Young drove in nine for them, though Wright had three homers for Desert. Penny (Desert) was the top pitcher, with a W and 6 K's, though Jones notched up four saves for Shen. A couple of messy outings doomed Desert, with a team ERA of 6.10 and a WHIP to match.

CoJack Forever 7, GregSchulteOverdrive 1 CoJack took eleventh place with a mildly-shocking win over Greg, as much for the margin of victory: Greg's only win was BA, where they hit .298. Otherwise, it was all CoJack, though many categories were close (one Run and SB, three K's and RBI): Stewart's seven runs and SB were therefore crucial for them. Beckett and Hudson each had a W and 7 K's.

This week's games

Championship Final: 4 K's 4 Gonzo (#2 seed) vs. Bob Melvin Sucks (#4)
3rd/4th place: dbacktom (#6) vs. Crazy VIII's (#1)
7th/8th place: Douchebaggery (#9) vs. Shenanigans (#7)
9th/10th place: 7-2 Offsuiters (#8) vs. Desert Dingleberries (#11)

Naturally, we will be observing the Grand Final, which sees Gonzo take on surprise packages Bob, who aim for another shock victory. This is a two-week contest, so early results may not prove significant. Gonzo rely on Ryan Braun and Alfonso Soriano for the their offense, with 18-win starter Wang anchoring their rotation. Melvin have 104 RBI out of the catcher's spot from Martinez, with Utley not far behind at second. Lesser-known name Faustino Carmona has been their