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DBacks Daily - Weekend Edition - 9/16/07 - Marco...

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.... No, not Scutaro. I was hoping to hear a call back from the team that took 2 of 3 from the Padres, 3 of 3 from the Cardinals, and 2 of 3 from the Giants. Anyone remember that team? Anyone seen that team? It's only been a few days, it can't have gone far...

While our boys are looking for their their mojo, we'll take a look at news from the weekend. (Ideally the newly-installed Weekend Edition version should cover the week, but being as how there are only two weekends left in the regular season, I think I'll start that next part of it year.)

AZ Republic Saturday The Diamondbacks couldn't go back and redo a couple of key innings or hold the leads. Saturday Doug Davis had an uncharacteristically poor start. He says he feels like he was tipping pitches, the Dodgers were just too on things. Melvin says his pitch count was good, and that's about the only reason I read or heard for keeping him in the game as long as he did.

AP Recap Saturday Meh. Penny, Davis. Nothing exciting.

AP Recap Sunday Again, nothing exciting, except the game action (or lack thereof). Interestingly, it notes: Even with their two straight losses to the Dodgers, the Diamondbacks have an NL-best 36-23 record since the All-Star break. That's... nice. Sunday Byrnes gave a post-game pep talk to, well, it seems like the team, but I think it was the media. Let's hope the team heard.

AZ Republic Sunday also gives a lot to Byrnsie but with an interesting quote from Livan:

Hernandez settled down after that, working six innings, but it was too late. Speaking of late, Hernandez went out of his way to mention that Friday night's 3 1/2-hour game and Saturday's early-afternoon start helped create some weary conditions for his team.

"It was a late game last night," he said. "The bus was too late (Friday night), and the bus today in the morning was too early. . . . People were tired. I woke up at 8 or 8:30 in the morning for the bus. That's something ridiculous."

Hi, Livan? See those thirty-something guys sitting in the opposing dugout? Maybe they got to sleep at home and didn't have to take a team bus to the stadium, but unless you had an earlier report time to the ballpark, tiredness should not be an issue. I'm not debating it's true that the team was tired, that the early start time didn't suck after having a late game the night before (welcome to being on national television on the west coast), but the teams were most likely the exact same amount of tired and it's no excuse for having poor command for the first inning. And maybe it's not meant to be an excuse, maybe he meant it more as a jab to MLB for the scheduling, but I don't think they're going to care because it looks like the media didn't pick up on that part of his angle.


The Republic reports on injuries: Tracy is close to coming back (pinch hitter role only), and Salazar and Callaspo are both healthy enough to start (as Salazar did, and played the entire game). But offseason surgery is still a possibility, reports, for Tracy. They also report on the Diamondbacks' very own theme song?!? Okay, I'm stuck with the Giants' broadcast on Monday, but somehow his has to find its way online for the rest of us to laugh at. (Or sing to, if we find ourselves in the need to do.)

The Republic notes also have a bit on Gonzo on beating us. Saturday's notes focus on AA hitting coach Dave Hansen.

Maybe there'll be more later today, and positive stuff on Monday.

(Okay, now I have "Hit the road, Jack..." stuck in my head. I blame Derrick Hall. Or Steve Gilbert.)