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Gameday Thread, #150: 9/16 vs. Dodgers

Edgar Gonzalez (24, RHP, 7-2, 4.76)
Esteban Loaiza (35, RHP, 2-1, 4.32) preview [opens in new window]

I think I said this for a previous game, but it seems to be true again here. While this is not a "must-win" for Arizona, it is certainly a "things would be rather better if we could win" game. We've lost the first two, and seen our closest rivals all win two, leaving our leads looking a great deal less healthy than they were after the off-day on Thursday. Getting swept by the Dodgers would not be a good thing, but I think we all know that.

We send out, appropriately enough, Edgar 'The Paramedic' Gonzalez, who did well enough in his previous start against the Giants, giving up only one run in six innings of work. We'll be hoping for something similar today, and EdGon staunching the bleeding, in a slightly different way from the one which earned him the nickname. Loaiza has only made four starts this year, and they have been getting steadily worse: one, two, three and then six earned runs, last time out, also there in Chavez Ravine. Here's to that trend continuing: a win would let us reach the hoped-for split of the road-trip, and I'd have settled for that coming in.