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Gameday Thread, #148: 9/14 vs. Dodgers

Doug Davis (31, LHP, 13-11, 4.09)
Brad Penny (29, RHP, 15-4, 2.81) preview [opens in new window]

Still somewhat cheered by the discovery that Scotland beat France at football earlier this week - in Paris - and with a pit-bull puppy [the SnakePitette's] bumbling its way around my feet, we enter the weekend, with the Dodgers series. First, everyone should note the change of time for tomorrow's game, which is being broadcast on Fox. First pitch is scheduled for 12:55pm Arizona time, so even the Brits should be able to stay awake for that one.

In contrast, a very late start for this one, and it promises to be a pitcher's duel, with Davis taking on Penny. Double-D wasn't so impressive last time out, giving up seven hits and two walks in four innings, but on the whole has been very solid, with a 3.84 ERA in 12 starts over the second half. Penny is still an outside bet at the Cy Young, thanks mostly to his great W/L record - that has cracked a little bit, since reaching 13-1 after his July 26 start, with only two wins in nine outings since, despite seven quality starts.

Elsewhere, the Phillies beat the Mets, while Colorado and San Diego are under way, but probably too close to call. My expectations in this series are fairly simple: anything not involving us being swept will be acceptable, though at the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, winning it would be better than losing. And with that, I'll get this posted, as I need to rescue my shoelaces from a tiny, nibbly, mouth. Comments to follow.