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Random Off-day Thoughts

"I'll tell you what the thing is about plague..." I can't actually remember what the thing was about plague, but you've got to love any sentence which starts off like that. Mrs. SnakePit and I were sitting in the car, discussing the virulent disease because there's been a human case of it up near Flagstaff. They reckon she caught it off a prairie-dog or rodent, but to be impressed by that. She's expected to recover, but I mean, imagine the awe in your colleagues when you go back to work after being sick. "What was it, Susan? 'Flu? Strep throat? Gastro-enteritis?" "No. The Black Death. Wanna see my buboes?"

Happy post-off day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Didn't quite get as much done as I thought, but no surprise there. Did finish the first Harry Potter book; enjoyed it, but having seen the film, there weren't many surprises. Imagine the latter, much thicker books will be better for that, as more needed to be taken out from those. It's an interesting world: I think I'd perhaps prefer reading about more adult - no, not that way! - themes, rather than school japes. Maybe other authors will run with it, in the same way they took up the Cthulhu mythos. Wonder what the copyright rules are on just using the setting, not any characters?

Phoenix Mercury forced a game five in the WNBA finals, though I'm not sure anyone really cares. [I was watching The Simpsons Wednesday night, and Homer took the family to a WNBA game. Probably because the marquee on the way in said 'Courtside seats: 30 cents'] I think they're really screwed up the timing: running the finals just after the first week of the NFL, and while the baseball pennant races are ramping up to a frenzy, seems near-suicidal. A league struggling for attention would be better off scheduling their showcase when there's less competition.

Mrs. SnakePit picked up the SnakePitFest tickets this afternoon, thereby saving me the trip to Chase. $10 each, due at the game. We're in the upper deck, above the AZ bullpen, in row 9. She got them at the park, so no additional fees applied. That's a bit of a shame, as I was kinda looking forwarding to unleashing sarcasm if they tried to charge me a "convenience charge" - especially if I'd had to stroll through the burning, icky hell which is downtown Phoenix at noon during monsoon, in order to make my purchase. Few things irritate me more than tacked-on charges for tickets. Except, possibly, tip jars in Starbucks.

Thank heavens it's Friday. Chris swapped shifts the last three days of this week, so she has been working 2:30-11pm. That pretty much sucks: I get to see her in the car to work in the morning, and then when she comes home at night and collapses into bed. Not anyone's idea of fun, and she will not be making that mistake again. Looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend, with a great deal of Tivo cleansing being done.

There would have been more thoughts, but I got distracted. ;-) See you tonight for the Gameday Thread, and here's to another series in which our lead grows further.