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DBacks Daily 9/13/07 - Caught in the Webb

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That seems to be the theme of the press this morning - Webb's dominance over the Giants and his efficiency in doing so! He needed only 22 pitches through 3, 74 pitches on the night (7 innings). Let's get to the articles discussing him.

Let's recap on yesterday. The AP recap is good for action and discusses Webb's appearance of dominance this season. The Republic mentions it too as well as our offensive "malaise". The recap is basically all about Webb, with honorable mentions on the offense and quotes about facing the Dodgers this weekend. Only Magruder of the Tribune breaks the trend in his as-usual too-short article, talking about Chris Young's monster rookie season of 30 homers and 25 stolen bases. (First rookie ever to do that.)

Notes today cover a wide swath of topics. The Tribune mentions Synder's career year, his becoming a leader in the dugout, as well as the likely rotation for the Dodgers this weekend. mentions that Davis hasn't allowed an earned run against the Dodgers in 4 career starts. ::knocks on wood:: It also mentions Owings's skipped start and Valverde's toughness this year. Everybody mentions the mishmash of a lineup that Melvin's been putting out there lately. And the Republic's inside source mentions that the Diamondbacks will open in Cincinnati next season, as well as going to Boston this year.

In another piece of not exactly new news, this Saturday's game will be broadcast on FOX's national telecast. Unfortunately, those out of network will likely get that horrid Boston-New York match up again. Gaaaah. Can't stand it.

Alright, time for an off day! We take our offensive outburst, having taken 2 of 3 from San Francisco, down the road to Los Angeles. Let's hope we start another 6- or more-game win-streak.