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DBacks Daily 9/12/07 - Another One-Run... Loss?

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's time for something completely different... a one-run loss. Jim will have to get the numbers, but I believe that's only our 18th or 22nd one-run loss. I blame myself. I told you they don't like to win when I go.

The media, thankfully, doesn't know that and blames someone else. ;) The AP recap praises Vizquel's dazzling defense, which it really was last night. San Franciscans take for granted how easily he makes those plays look. (They know they're going to be in for a shock if Omar's not here next year.) AP also gives Gonzalez some credit for being 6-0 since since April 21. (I think I was there for that loss too.) The Republic recap focuses a lot more on Gonzalez, noting he'd already been given another start even before he threw a pitch last night.

The Republic talks about more aspects of Upton's bad night than the Tribune article does. Justin claims the ball skipped by him because the ground was wet. Okay, I know Justin hasn't played here before this series, but it's San Francisco. By the waterfront. In the 8th inning. The fog comes in! It makes the grass wet! And to me it didn't look like it skipped by him, it looked like he just under-ran it and missed it completely. I didn't catch the replay on that though, and the articles seem to support the "skip", so maybe I'm wrong. (I know it skipped past Young after it got past Upton.)

The recap covers a nice variety of topics - Upton, Gonzalez, Wickman (very honest about his work), and the myriad of missed opportunities. If you missed the game, the AP recap is a good start action-wise, but don't miss MLB's.

Notes today cover pitching and injuries. BoMel shuffled the rotation for the upcoming series, giving Micah a few extra days. Salazar is still hobbling and Callaspo's hamstring is still sensitive, so those two are PH-only for a few more days. Chad Tracy's on this road trip and might take BP soon. And Brandon Webb talks about mixing it up more this season, and how his numbers have improved. (That was a bit of a surprise to me actually.)

Finally, something I know is a hot topic here, is Bob Melvin's candidacy for NL Manager of the Year. I know there's a lot of debate, but you look at the other managers in contention, and I like Melvin's chances.

Don't worry, I'm not going to tonight's matchup of Webb v Sanchez, so I like our chances. :) The numbers seem to be in our favor as well!