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Gameday Thread, #146: 9/11 vs. Giants

Edgar Gonzalez (24, RHP, 7-2, 5.00)
Kevin Correia (26, RHP, 4-6, 3.59) preview [opens in new window]

If our slogan is, "Anyone, any time," and the Padres go with "Experience it!", the Giants' would appear to be "Bring me something to wipe my shoe." A season which was already pretty miserable, got even worse when a crippled Jeff Salazar hit a ninth-inning, two-out homer to win the game for Arizona. And an ever-classy Giants fan wanted us to get AIDS. Nice. Good to be reminded why beating the Giants is so enjoyable - even if, this season, it's a light thrill, like defeating the Sun City Ladies softball B-team.

That said, not feeling too confident about extending the streak to seven games tonight. It's Edgar Gonzalez's first start since June, after several appearances out of the bullpen, where he proved quite solid as a paramedic. This evening, however, he comes in with a clean slate, which is a different matter entirely. Correia has won his last three starts, giving up only five runs in 17.2 innings, which is pretty good. Surprising to use the word "good" about anyone on the Ginats, especially anyone under the age of 42.

Might be thin on the ground comments-wise: snakecharmer will be at the game, so look forward to a report on that in due course, and I won't be about either, as it's IZW time. Tonight, we get the debut of Sumie Sakai, and from what I've seen of Japanese women wrestlers, they are about ten times better than what the WWE provides, so looking forward to that. Let's hope the D-backs can kick just as much ass.