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Gameday Thread, #145: 9/10 vs. Giants

Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 10-9, 4.79)
Tim Lincecum (23, RHP, 7-4, 4.05) preview [opens in new window]

The hottest team in the National League - again - hit the road for two three-game series against their divisional rivals. So far, we've been a bit ho-hum against both the Dodgers and the Giants: our position at the head of the class is mostly because of the good thrashing administered to the NL East, to the tune of a 24-9 record. The Giants are destined for the cellar, 9.5 back of the Rockies in fourth, but their 12-8 record over the last 20 games is as good as anyone in the National League; truth be told, it's better than ours, which is dead even at .500.

In Tim Lincecum, we face someone who was maybe a contender of Rookie of the Year in early August, when he had a 3.59 ERA, to go with a 6-2 record. Since then, he has only one win in five starts, and a 5.79 ERA, with opposing hitters batting .295 against Lincecum, so it seems that fatigue may be setting in a little bit. Not that Hernandez 2.0 has exactly been rock-solid, and over the same period opponents are batting - hey! - .295 off him as well. He is, at least, keeping the walks down, with only seven in the past 39 innings.

Should be about for this, with a strong commenting performance to be expected from this corner. We want a win, for FormerGiantsFan: his coming over to the forces of good is another soul saved from darkness, and we all know that evil never triumphs. :-) So, let's go, D-backs, and make it six in a row.