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DBacks Daily 9/10/07 - No Such Thing As Relaxing

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You know, with two out in the 9th yesterday, I was all set to post about how that win was actually rather relaxing. I was worried about Davis but I wasn't worried about the 4-2 score. I knew we'd come back as soon as we got Kip Wells out of there, and we did, and it was great. But noooo, Valverde doesn't let us have a relaxing win. I don't think the word is in his vocabulary. (What is it in Spanish?) Nonetheless, it's a mark in the win column, another game off the schedule, and we hit the road with a 5-game win streak.

The AP recap is kind of all over the place, it seems to me, as is the Tribune. I don't know what I dislike about them today, but... I just do. focuses on Upton and Clark and a bit on Davis at the end too. The Republic recap by Gintonio talks a lot about the 9th. For game action, though, if you missed it, I'd suggest the AP.

Notes today talk about a variety of things. The Republic talks about young players, with a focus on Reynolds, and also mentions the line-up permeability. The Tribune discusses the hole Hudson left and trying to fill it, as well as things about Eveland, Byrnsie, and Quentin. Also a big note: A closer in Atlanta, Wickman could be a candidate to close today, since Jose Valverde will be unavailable after pitching four times in five days and throwing 30 pitches Sunday. Oiy...alright... Finally some notes on the bullpen from It also discusses Gonzalez's start and Quentin's availability.

There are a few features out today, some interesting, some not. A blog entry from the San Jose Mercury news discusses the Diamondbacks' rebuilding efforts, and the Giants' needs to learn some lessons from them. (Really, I'd rather they not.) Bickley's article is titled "All aboard the Diamondbacks' bandwagon" but really, it's about how baseball's post-season scene has changed in 6 years and it's rather boring. But there's a nice article about Valverde from

Yhe Visalia Oaks were shut out 1-0 on Saturday night (solo home run in the first) and 5-0 on Sunday night. Only appropriate that we trade places now! Arizona heads to San Francisco, and San Jose heads to Visalia.

The Diamondbacks head up to San Francisco for three, then back down the coast to Los Angeles for three over the weekend. The Giants may suck as a team this year, but they've got some pretty good players (Winn is on a hot streak) and they'll give us a run for our money. Tonight it's Livan vs Lincecum, who kicked our butts last time we faced him in San Fran, striking out 10 and getting into the 7th. Big game! Let's get some participation in the gameday thread tonight!