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Gameday Thread, 137: 9/1 vs. Rockies

Elmer Dessens (36, RHP, 2-1, 5.64)
Dana Eveland (23, LHP, 0-0, 20.25) preview [opens in new window]

You folks have fun with this one. In protest at the horrendous performance produced by Arizona last night, I am boycotting this game entirely - one I was originally supposed to see in person. I will not be watching it, posting in the Gameday Thread, or even checking the score until I open the paper tomorrow morning. The team that played the last three innings last night should realize that support is a privilege which must be earned, and yesterday was such an abysmal atrocity, I am withdrawing my allegiance for this evening.

We give Dana Eveland a shot in the rotation tonight, but I imagine he's going to be on a short leash. Not sure that's necessarily a good thing, given the results obtained from the relief corps in the last 48 hours. However, the Rockies throw up Elmer Dessens, who sucked when he pitched for us in 2004 (a 7.40 ERA in 10 starts), and presumably hasn't improved in three years since. On the other hand, he's facing a team who haven't seen ten hits in a game for two weeks, and have hit .205 with exactly three runs per game over that time. Opposing pitchers must be salivating at the prospect of facing us.

The plus side is, this team has shown the ability to turn things around with one hit, and go on a tear where they are virtually unstoppable. One of those for the next two weeks would be fine: we can then cruise into the post-season, before turning it on again in the playoffs. Seemed to work quite well for the Cardinals last year... Anyway, we have crap DVDs to watch, dinner to enjoy and absolutely no Arizona Diamondbacks to watch. See you all tomorrow.