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DBacks Daily 9/1/07 - Ho Hum

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Expanded roster call-ups, as expected, are Eveland, Murphy, peguero, Hammock, and Bonifacio. This is Murphy's and Bonifacio's major league debuts! Quentin also activated off the DL. The Tribune's notes report that, additionally, Infielder Alberto Callaspo (hamstring) will rejoin the D-Backs after playing a few games at Tucson to make certain of his health.

The recaps are, of course, in a disappointed tone today. AZ Republic focuses on 9th inning and the pitching battle. Good quote from BoMel about Livan: "Unbelievable," Melvin said. "(He was) Houdini today, really. ... If ever there were tremendous performances from a starter this year for us, that's one of them right there." Really a shame that the bullpen couldn't hold this one. recap is similar to the Republic, with perhaps more on the bullpen. The Tribune also talks about pitching. Hmmm, notice a theme here?? Yes, our offense hasn't been around for a while, but the pitching collapse is much more worrisome. It's very possible we've overused them, and they're clearly having a mental collapse. This is not good. Good pitching beats good hitting every time, and bad pitching kills any good hitting by their own team.

So much for Valverde not speaking after losses... AP recap has a quote from him. They also provide us with our injury update of the day:

Conor Jackson left the game in the seventh after taking a hard grounder off his left wrist but X-rays were negative. Reynolds left the game after the seventh with swelling in his left elbow. No X-rays were taken. Both are day-to-day.

Republic notes focuses on Eveland, his injury, his performances, as does notes also cover the bullpen's clear and worrisome troubles, and Doug Davis being awesome:

Davis has compiled a 7-1 record in 10 games since the All-Star break, with Arizona winning both of his no-decisions. Six of his wins have followed losses, which was the scenario Thursday, leading Melvin to call his contributions "enormous."

"He's basically taken over for Randy [Johnson]," Melvin said. "I don't know that he's ever pitched this well for a sustained period like that. I haven't looked at his numbers, but it's been spectacular for us."

Here we are, hopping on the back of Double D again. Let's not only GET some runs today but let's try not to GIVE any, mmkay??